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We are a company dedicated to creating beautiful, functional, timeless, spaces for living well. We have a reputation for consistent innovation and excellence in building.  Each project is approached individually and examined from both the design and building perspectives improving the quality and economy of both aspects of development. We create intelligent designs which incorporate the most energy and resource efficient systems and materials. We strive to make every space a healthy, efficient, long lasting, harmonious environment that not only nourishes the spirit but contributes to creating a better world.



All of our projects are guided by these sustainable practices: 


Anticipatory Design Science
We use the ideas of anticipatory design science, or design with an eye to consequences. Pioneered by R. Buckminster Fuller the implementation of a multifaceted informed approach can lead to the most efficient and elegant solutions to design.

Energy Efficient Systems

We design for energy and water efficiency.  Utilizing renewable energy systems such as solar and wind, and efficient technologies  for lighting, heating, cooling, and appliances we follow the path toward achieving Net Zero buildings. Systems including gray water, rain catch and xeriscaping are implemented along with water saving appliances and fixtures to assure the maximum water efficiency. 

Sustainable Materials 

High impact aesthetics with low impact resource use.  We choose materials that are long lasting as well as timeless and look toward renewable, recyclable and reclaimed materials for more sustainable building.  

Healthy Living

A home should be an environment that fosters good health, creativity and happiness. Our designs always incorporate plenty of natural light and fresh air ventilation. We look toward non- toxic building materials and paints and finishes that have low or no volatile organic compounds.


The future is ours for the making, let's make it a good one.  

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